Inland Bay

New Jersey

The Inland Bay is the most complex region of the New Jersey shore, where a legacy of industrial uses, densely-populated maritime communities, and increasing integration into the New York City economy intersect with a rich estuarine environment. These multi-layered conditions have different vulnerabilities to storms and sea level rise, making New Jersey’s inland bay resistant to a singular form of intervention.  Water culture in the Inland Bay is centered on the marina, for commercial fishing and recreation. Building on its recreational and commercial role, the marina will be joined with marsh functions to enhance coastal protection while providing new sources of value for adjacent ecosystems and communities. In combination with new marina functions, marsh landscapes will be designed to mitigate contamination.  The site is the Natco Lake district, which is illustrative of a range of shore conditions and encompasses Union Beach, Keansburg, and the man-made lake between them.

Download the boards presented by Sasaki/Rutgers/Arup in 2013.