Will You Help Rebuild?

For the first time, we are asking our supporters to chip in and help us. Why? As a nonprofit, we need funding to do the work that we do, and the demand for action has never been more pressing. 

We are already experiencing the effects of climate change, and we are largely unprepared. Whether its storm surge, flash floods or extreme heat, the way our communities are built today will not prepare us for the future. Rebuild by Design works to change this by bringing together government officials, designers, scientists, academics, and community individuals to design the policies and the infrastructure that will prepare us for the future. 

Please consider a donation of $10, $50, $100, $250 which can make a big difference to our small budget.

How do we know we are effective? Our work gets implemented.

  • All seven of the Hurricane Sandy funded projects will break ground next year. You can follow the latest updates here.
  • Five of the Bay Area Resilient by Design projects have begun implementation by moving to the next stage of studies.
  • Our work in Athens, Greece to address sustainability and resilience issues was just awarded implementation funds.

How do we do it? By Collaboration. Through prioritizing effective collaboration, the Rebuild projects have more community support and have multiple benefits therefore every dollar spent goes further. We cannot do this without you. 

We would not ask if it were not important. We are hoping to raise $10,000 this season to support project management and coalition building for projects in New York and Puerto Rico, with the goal to create replicable models for our changing cities around the world. A small donation–even $20–can make a huge difference. If everyone gave us $20 we would have the money to hire an additional staff person for one year!

Please consider giving a donation right now! NYU has helped make it easy, just follow this link, and you can pay by credit card or check.

Thank you!