SCAPE /Landscape Architecture

New Jersey

Like Jamaica Bay, Barnegat Bay is a beloved recreational ground with hundreds of thousands of people living directly on its constructed edges. Dredging, filling and pollution have endangered its shallow productive topography and sea level rise threatens to turn what was a rich marine mosaic of land and water into exposed open and flat environs devoid of the lifestyle qualities that drew many there in the first place and that have served as de facto absorptive infrastructure. A combination of green/blue strategies in the form of tiered, absorptive edges embedded with tidepools and bird/fish habitat structures, will help regenerate lost ecological systems, recalibrate sediment cycles, and step down risk for waterfront communities. Linking man-made sediment cycles with natural cycles will help ensure a productive and resilient bay landscape for future generations.

Download the boards presented by SCAPE /Landscape Architecture in 2013.