As planning for Resilient Bridgeport’s pilot project reached the key 30% design level, the Project Team hosted a daylong series of open houses at the downtown Resilience Center. During facilitated discussions, stakeholders from various neighborhoods shared their thoughts on priorities for future investment in resilience across the city beyond the Hurricane Sandy Design Competition and National Disaster Resilience Competition funded projects. 

During a brown bag luncheon the following day, a groundwater engineer from the Netherlands began an in-depth discussion about groundwater, a crucial aspect of a successful project design about the need to monitor groundwater and its potentially adverse effects on construction. The strategy report is the basis for planning future projects in addition to the initial project.  It includes resident feedback and will be released in November. 

Additionally, Resilient Bridgeport’s first project progressed to environmental review, a key precondition for implementation. Connecticut officials presented on how they will review the design for a storm water park and raised street adjacent to a redevelopment project in the South End. The state plans a formal hearing on the scope of its environmental review early in 2018. Learn more>>