The Project Team gathered again at 7 Middle to advance the resilience strategy, with a particular focus on more resilient and localized energy networks, mobility and connectivity, coastal ecology, and stormwater networks. The team also finalized the pilot project selection criteria, and began mocking up the final report. On the community engagement side, the team met with key public agencies, including WPCA and the Department of Parks and Recreation, held an open studio on 12/12, and supported DOH in their holding of a public hearing on 12/13 during which community members and government officials commented on the pilot project components identified through the ongoing planning and design process. 

As part of the most recent activities, the team also helped to convene Groundwork Bridgeport, HOPE Crew, Preservation Green Lab, and the Housatonic Museum of Art to discuss possible job training and education programs that relate to resilience and historic preservation. The goal is to support local collaborative efforts that introduce resilience concepts and environmental issues to younger audiences, and to connect local youth with career opportunities in fields ranging from design and engineering to historic preservation and ecology.