On October 16, 2018, the City of Athens formally announced the Lycabettus Program; a plan to revitalize Athens’ urban forest and central landmark. In a press conference and event later in the evening, Mayor Kaminis of Athens discussed the urgency of the program and the unique interdisciplinary approach behind it. The afternoon press conference at City Hall featured a presentation of the program by the local project manager and partners on the program including the Deputy Mayor of Urban Greening; Rebuild by Design; 100 Resilient Cities; the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA); and the Agricultural University of Athens (AUA). 

The evening program had over 150 attendees and included an in-depth presentation of the plans for the site from NTUA and AUA as well as presentations by international partners Rebuild by Design and Interboro Partners on the unique and creative stakeholder engagement process created for the Lycabettus Program. Three subsequent panel discussions focused on the ecological conditions of the site, the built environment, and the importance of social engagement in planning processes. 

The first phase of implementation includes five priority projects with a budget of 3 million euros that focus on flooding and erosion, replacing pathways and lighting, and the reopening of a central cafe on the Hill. Long term, the City will work to connect partners and institutionalize the implementation of the ambitious revitalization of Athens’ central urban forest.