The kick-off meeting brought CAC members together to discuss the comprehensive coastal and social resiliency measures planned for the Mill River Watershed. CAC members represent a wide array of interests from bird watching and fishing, to history and biology. The original proposal that HUD funded two years ago was based in Bay Park and Rockville Centre, and its main components were a Sluice Gate, Bioswales and an underground storage system.

That project has been expanded in scope to cover the entire Mill River Watershed, which will be divided into three implementation sections: Northern, Middle and Southern. In the Northern Section the project focuses on freshwater, water quality and flood defense. The Middle Section focuses on mitigating storm surge, stormwater management, and dealing with brackish water. The Southern Section focuses on marine water and storm surge, with projects aimed at marshland restoration and Living Shorelines systems. Additionally, the new iteration of the project includes an expanded blueway and greenway throughout all sections.

GOSR began to identify the opportunities for CAC members to advise and strategize on certain aspects of the project, including components of social resiliency, community outreach, marshland restoration, greenway access and safety, and the launch of a ‘Friends of the Park’ group for Hempstead Lake State Park. The evening concluded with a participatory engagement session using interactive maps that members could write on to give feedback regarding transportation, flooding, social resiliency and leveraging funds. With unanimous support for the updated project proposal, GOSR, project partners, and CAC members will continue on the path towards implementation.  Learn more >>