Residents of five municipalities along Long Island’s Mill River, Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) members, Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) members, and program team members discussed next steps in the Living with the Bay program, learned about plans for resilience at Hempstead Lake State Park and gave feedback to both. Tetra Tech, the team lead, presented its approach and timeline to implement resilient design interventions. The CAC focused on the basics of watershed engineering to inform future decisions. Tetra Tech sought feedback from participants on seven priority problems impacting the watershed. For more details and information, you can check out Tetra Tech’s presentation below. 

During the second half of the meeting, NY State Parks presented its plans for regenerating Hempstead Lake State Park. The department plans to build a resilience education center, restore the pond ecosystem to increase water quality, and fix the dam near the headwaters of  the Mill River. For further learning and discussion, residents and CAG members circulated among table displays of renderings, available below. 


LWTB_NYSParksProject_One Pagers

LWTB_NYSParksProject_PPT and Project Boards

LWTB_NYSParksProject_Design Summary

LWTB_CAC Tetra Tech