Rebuild by Design has been working with a coalition of leaders representing various interests to alert the State of the growing need to confront the new reality of climate change. In response to the coalition’s work, Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature have passed the landmark $3 billion “Restore Mother Nature” Bond Act, which would provide funding for local infrastructure and environmental restoration. The bond act will now go to the voters for approval in November. 

In the 2020-2021 budget, the New York State legislature has appropriated the following amounts:

$1 billion for Restoration and Flood Risk Reduction, including

  • $250 million for a voluntary buyout program
  • $100 million for shoreline protection
  • $100 million for inland flooding and local waterfront revitalization

$550 million for Water Quality Improvement and Resilient Infrastructure, including

  • $200 million for water infrastructure improvement act projects
  • $100 million for municipal stormwater

$550 million for Open Space Conservation and Recreation, including

  • $75 million for fish hatcheries
  • $200 million for open space
  • $100 farmland protection  

$700 million for Climate Change Mitigation, including

  •  $350 million for green buildings

$200 million for other projects

Read the Bond Act legislation here.