Sen. Becca White and Rep. Gabrielle Stebbins: Cost-saving, pollution-reducing, resilience-creating progress on climate

VT Digger: It’s just past the halfway point for the 2024 legislative session, and we are grateful to fellow lawmakers who have rolled up their sleeves to tackle so many complex issues from affordability to housing to public safety and school construction.

While there are many important policies the Vermont legislative Climate Solutions Caucus is working to successfully advance this session — funding for flood-impacted communities, cleaner transportation solutions, ratepayer protection for low-income earners, banning bee-killing pesticides and more – we wanted to highlight the importance of four priority bills that are making their way forward:

  • S.213 – A bill related to flood recovery and strengthening community resilience
  • H.687 – A bill relating to community resilience, land use and biodiversity protection
  • S.259 – A bill to create a “Climate Superfund” to ensure Big Oil helps pay for climate disasters
  • H.289 – A bill to modernize Vermont’s Renewable Energy Standard

S.213 — Flood recovery and strengthening community resilience in a climate destabilized world

Last summer’s devastating floods were a wake-up call to many. Sustained and significant rains spurred unprecedented flooding that cost Vermonters more than $1 billion in damagesRead more>>