Next City: A contest inviting designers, policy-makers and developers to imagine climate change solutions for the San Francisco area will open for submissions in April, the Rockefeller Foundation announced Monday.

The Bay Area: Resilient by Design Challenge is modeled after a similar New York-area contest begun in 2013. That one was pioneered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (also with funding from Rockefeller). Its San Francisco counterpart is made possible with a $4.6 million grant from Rockefeller, and builds on efforts by the San Francisco Planning Department. HUD is not involved.

“Across the Bay Area, increasingly frequent flooding is putting more and more strain on aging infrastructure, while continued sea-level rise is threatening coastal resources. These are real and serious challenges, and they require real and serious solutions,” Dr. Judith Rodin, president of The Rockefeller Foundation, said in a press release. “We are incredibly excited to take all that we learned from our successful Rebuild by Design program — as well as the best practices developed by our 100 Resilient Cities — to help the Bay Area keep disruptions from becoming disasters.” Continue reading>>Tony