The Hudson Reporter

Roughly 100 residents came to a public meeting on Tuesday to talk about three possible anti-flooding proposals for Hoboken that would include building controversial walls to keep the water out. An engineer’s presentation showed that the least popular flood wall to be built near the Hudson River would be the most effective of three proposed plans, keeping 98 percent of the city dry during a storm surge. Walls that run from Weehawken to northern Hoboken would keep approximately 85 percent of the area dry.

The “Rebuild by Design Community Presentation of Flood Modeling” was an opportunity for residents to ask questions of an engineering firm and a knowledgeable professor of ocean engineering about the three potential choices. The plans, which will be funded by the federal government as part of its 2013 “Rebuild by Design” environmental competition, were presented on Tuesday, July 12 in the Babbio Center of the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken. Read more