Fast Company: Like many large federal departments, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is complex and misunderstood.

Since its founding in 1965, HUD has made it possible for millions of low-income people to obtain housing through subsidies, and for cities and towns to build affordable housing through grants. But that’s not the full extent of what HUD does. Its benefits are felt by virtually everyone living in any incorporated area. And now, it’s poised to be reshaped by Ben Carson—President Trump’s pick to lead the agency—who has expressed skepticism of government assistance and fair housing, both important components of HUD’s mission (but certainly not all of it). 

What’s more troubling still is that the debate around HUD isn’t driven by facts, but by stereotypes that don’t reflect its full mission. Because it’s widely misunderstood, HUD has become a political flashpoint. Continue reading>>