March 10, 2014

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Secaucus Public Library, New Jersey

On behalf of the MIT CAU + ZUS + Urbanisten Rebuild by Design team, we invited you to share insights and participate at the second interactive design public workshop: New Meadowlands: Workshop for a Resilient future. This workshop was held at the Secaucus public library on 10th March 2014, where we convened key stakeholders from New Jersey to discuss long- term visions for the Meadowlands as well as a key first steps which will act as pilot projects for the initiative at large.

The Meadowlands is one of the most complex and promising geographies in the region – a dynamic intersection of productivity, nature and the community. It is also a vulnerable landscape, as Hurricane Sandy demonstrated. As we prepare to rebuild, we have an opportunity to outline a long-term vision that will guarantee the prosperity and quality of life for the Meadowlands.

This long-term vision is concurrent with an effort to identify a series of short-term priority interventions and projects, which are eligible for Federal post-Sandy recovery funding. The design planning team will help identify locations, programs, and project briefs. To explore these issues and to begin to describe a comprehensive and resilient vision for the entire Meadowlands subregion.