A Rainproofing Success? We Think So — Hoboken’s Approach

Responding to Hurricane Sandy and many events of heavy rain, the City of Hoboken has reimagined its public space to add acres of resilience parks and green infrastructure throughout its sidewalks to absorb water before it floods.

Join us to learn about Hoboken’s innovative approach to tackling the challenges of heavy rainfall Caleb Stratton, Assistant Business Administrator & Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Hoboken will delve into the City’s comprehensive infrastructure strategy designed to keep Hoboken dry and share insights into Hoboken’s multi-purpose infrastructure approach to manage stormwater effectively. Learn how an investment in social infrastructure can protect against flooding while also serving as recreational and community spaces, clean air, lower temperatures, and enhance Hoboken’s liveability.

Stratton will be joined in conversation by Doug McPherson, Interim Manager at ReAL Edgemere Community Land Trust.

Read A Climate Success Story? New York Times November 3, 2023, for more insight.


Thursday, March 21st, 12:00-1:30 PM

Virtual Webinar

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