Elements of Effective Engagement Report

Best Practices for Government in Community Engagement

As the seven funded Hurricane Sandy Design Competition projects are implemented, Rebuild has observed many creative community engagement strategies from the project teams. “Best Practices for Elements of Engagement” captures these observations, highlighting effective engagement practices among the seven projects. 

Click on each best practice for more information and up to date examples:

  1. Demonstrate the Value of Community Participation
  2. Make Sharing Input Easy For Communities 
  3. Provide Physical Planning Space
  4. Visualize The Design
  5. Use Video To Illustrate Technical Processes
  6. Keep The Big Picture In Mind
  7. Share Meetings Online
  8. Use Accessible Language
  9. Utilize Multiple Outreach Techniques
  10. Use Existing Social Structures
  11. The Community Is A Classroom
  12. Remain Accountable to Community Concerns & Design Integrity


Throughout the Sandy region, each project continues to develop and implement the right best practices for their community. As each project progresses, Rebuild By Design is committed to sharing those practices and local knowledge with our community partners. 

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