Boulder County, CO

Collaborating for a Equitable Covid-19 Recovery

Recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic poses a pivotal moment to build back communities better. In March of 2021, The U.S. Treasury Department announced $350 billion of the American Rescue Plan will be allocated to Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for eligible state, local, territorial, and Tribal governments. Rebuild by Design is partnering with the County of Boulder to garner insight from communities throughout all of Boulder County, with an emphasis on those most impacted by the pandemic, namely low income communities and communities of color, to inform the distribution of a portion of the County's recovery funds. 

Rebuild is working with the Boulder County Commissioners’ Office and local partner organizations to design a series of convenings to inform how the County can use recovery funds to provide measurable equitable outcomes to build assets, strength, and resilience for community members who suffered in disparate ways due to racial, social, and gender inequalities.

Building off of the results from the engagement process, Rebuild will work with the County to design policies, programs and projects that will construct a vision for the recovery of Boulder County, creating a framework for communities to withstand future physical and economic crises.

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