Hunts Point Lifelines, October 2021 Update

The City’s Hunts Point Energy Resiliency Project aims to address the vulnerability of our region's food distribution hub, and it's surrounding residential neighborhood by providing reliable, dispatchable, and sustainable power to Hunts Point in the South Bronx. The final project will include 1) A tri-generation microgrid that will ensure back-up power to food-related businesses in the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center and protect a critical component of the city’s food supply system, increasing the resiliency and providing year-round energy benefits by supplying electricity and chilled water to the Produce Market and hot water to the Meat Market 2) Creating "Solar + storage" at two local schools (MS 424 and PS 48), providing year-round sustainable energy and backup energy during emergencies, enabling one of the schools to serve as a cooling or evacuation center, providing shelter, refuge, and gathering spaces for the public during extreme heat events or other emergencies and 3) Generators that provide resilient power supply to other important citywide food distributors and employers in the FDC during emergencies.

NYC EDC is advancing the final design and monitoring the changing legislation around emissions, including LL97 that attaches financial penalty to carbon emitting energy infrastructure as part of the City's sustainability targets, ensuring that the project addresses the energy resiliency risk, adheres to core goals around sustainability, and is compliant with the local laws. The final design is advancing for the School Solar component of the project, and procurement is beginning.


Total cost: $70 Million ($20 Million Federal CDBG-DR through Rebuild by Design, $50 Million City Capital)

Lead agency: New York City Economic Development Corporation 

How you can get involved: You can view the project and download past presentations here. You can learn more about the Community's comprehensive resilience agenda here.