Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery Hosts CAC Meeting in Staten Island

On November 18, the NYS GOSR held the second CAC meeting for Living Breakwaters and the Tottenville Dune Project, which was open to, and very well attended by, members of the public. GOSR gave an update on the progress of Living Breakwaters’ Design and Geotechnical Survey. Following the update, the meeting largely focused on workshopping a potential program for the project’s proposed water hub. Members of the community worked with the design team to imagine how to use the water hub to engage community members around the Breakwaters as more than just a protective landscape. Using interactive blocks to represent different amenities, participants expressed a range of needs from kayak storage to multipurpose classroom and exhibition spaces. If you missed the meeting, but want to learn more, the presentation, and other resources can be found here.

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