East Side Coastal Resiliency Project, November 2017 Update

The Project Team for the East Side Coastal Resiliency presented to Community Boards 3 and 6 proposed design changes for flood-risk reduction north of Montgomery St. Among the proposed changes is a plan to connect the proposed flood barrier to the VA hospital's new inland floodwall at 24th Street instead of 25th Street. Reducing the length of the proposed barrier will reduce construction costs and duration, improve pedestrians' experience, and provide more opportunities for tree plantings and park enhancements. Also, an earlier plan to collect and temporarily store excess stormwater in a large underground tank has been replaced with a plan to collect water in large underground pipes that are less disruptive and and more cost-effective. Board members offered to work with the City to coordinate 2018 project-specific Community Board meetings with the project schedule. Stay up to date with upcoming meetings>>