Call for Partner: Rebuild and GOLES Release Park Stewardship RFP

As cities turn to parks and coastal green space for building resilience and protection against rising seas, heat waves, flooding and other climate impacts, smart green design will become critical and more complex. Generating models for creating long-term stewardship structures to enhance initial government capital investments, and support new design and programming, will be essential in keeping these spaces functional while maintaining their long-term resilience value.

The East Side Coastal Resiliency Project is a park that faces this challenge, so Rebuild By Design and Good Old Lower East Side (GOLES) are seeking a partner to explore and ultimately recommend potential park stewardship models with funding mechanisms that could enhance the long-term operating budget while addressing issues of equity. While this research is focused on what specific structure may enhance ESCR in NYC, the findings could be used to inform future Rebuild by Design work in local, national, or international contexts.

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