LECTURE: Designing Borders: Amy Chester, James Wescoat and Ieva Jusionyte

Tuesday, November 13th
Room 123, Gund Hall, 48 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


Borders are sites of control, crossing, difference, transgression, and at times, engagement. They are often embraced for the purposes of fragmenting, dividing, or disrupting societies, ecologies, landscapes, narratives, and imaginations. Yet there is much more that goes into their ‘design’ than meets the eye, even as the ‘design’ logics that justify their existence can also produce unanticipated outcomes that can undermine the initial attempts at bordering. How so? We will hear from three keen observers of borders in very different worlds: India/Pakistan, US/Mexico, and land-water borders within the US.

This event is hosted by MDes Risk & Resilience. 

Pizza & refreshments will be provided. More info>>