Engagement by Design: Spring Collaborative Learning Series

Wednesday, June 7
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT
20 Cooper Square, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10003

Last year, we released the report Best Practices of Community Engagement. Since then, we have continued to collect and add practices of the great things we have seen in the region. This event will explore four of the best practice examples with the people who came up with them and the community members who experience them. Examples to be explored include: virtual reality, decoding the EIS, implementation principles and how physical spaces can invite conversations. REGISTER HERE>>

- Living Breakwaters: Victoria Cerullo, CAG Co-Chair, and Pippa Brashear, Design Team Member
- Hudson River: Caleb Stratton, City of Hoboken, and representative from New Jersey Department of Enviornmental Protection 
- Hunts Point: Angela Tovar, the POINT and Louise Yeung, New York City Economic Development Corporation
- Bridgeport: Carmen Nieves, CAG Member & David Kooris, State of CT

Speakers subject to change.


The Rebuild by Design competition set a new standard for stakeholder engagement in the region. For affected communities the competition created an expectation that the same level of engagement would continue through implementation. In the past two and a half years, governments- with the help the implementing design teams- have used various techniques to engage the community and successfully prepare the Sandy region for a changing climate. Studying these engagement techniques during implementation has been a central tenet of Rebuild by Design’s work in the Sandy region.

As the seven funded Sandy projects are implemented, Rebuild has observed many creative community engagement strategies from the project teams and has used these examples to promote Best Practices for Elements of Engagement.