New Jersey

The Barrier Islands are the most responsive stretch of the New Jersey shore, constantly shifting with the energy of sea and storm. Significant development has occurred in recent decades; yet, Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the vulnerability of development on the barrier islands. Although opportunities to attract people and commerce are present today in inland or bay landscapes, the current focus is the beach: the most vulnerable, rapidly changing area. To broaden the experience of the rich barrier island ecosystems and encourage safe sites for future development, the iconic language of the perpendicular beach pier extends into an ecotourism gradient that redefines the coast as the entire ecosystem between the beach and the N.J. Pinelands, leading to migration of development from the barrier island edge to stable inland areas and to growth of a more layered tourism economy. The site for this project includes Seaside Heights, Toms River, and Berkeley Township.

Download the boards presented by Sasaki/Rutgers/Arup in 2013.