As Winter Storm Jonas bore down upon the Northeast in late January, the Resilient Bridgeport team conducted a “Design Conditions Workshop,” which included site visits with representatives Bridgeport’s Office of Planning and Economic Development, and information sharing and design sessions in both downtown Bridgeport and at Yale’s Urban Design Workshop in New Haven. Through this workshop, the team gained a better understanding of the relationship between rainfall, storm surge, and flood risk in coastal areas, as well as early notions of how a pilot project could best serve the city. The team also advanced the community engagement plan, with a focus on coordinating with other planning efforts (Bridgeport Waterfront Plan, University of Bridgeport Master Plan, and the National Disaster Resilience Competition-awarded project) taking place at the same time and with overlapping geographic scopes. In February, the team is working on setting up an exhibition/workshop space in downtown Bridgeport, which will be become the center for design activities as well as the interface between team and public.