This month, THE POINT hosted a special presentation given by students from Pratt University who have been working with THE POINT and other members of the South Bronx Community Resiliency Agenda on several themes to advance climate resiliency on the industrial waterfront in the South Bronx. More specifically, these are areas that have not been addressed in any of the current planning efforts that are currently taking place on the waterfront. They are: continuity in coastal protection interventions, including additional proposals to close geographic gaps; updated strategies to mitigate the various impacts of truck traffic; planning recommendations to support the development of community preparedness plans; industrial retention opportunities (including workforce development) related with resiliency goods and services; and strategies to protect the community against real estate speculation and displacement. Read the proposals here

Additionally, the City hosted its second public outreach meeting in Hunts Point this month where options for the project were evaluated. The presentation is available to download. The Project Team also launched the second Connection Story, a series that spotlights various voices and stories in the Hunts Point neighborhood.Throughout the series, members of the Hunts Point community will be paired with different City representatives to explore different aspects of resiliency in the peninsula.