Managing Rain: International Lessons from Amsterdam and Copenhagen

Can New York City become Rainproof? Cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam, which face similar increases in heavy rainfall, have implemented unique approaches to address this challenge. Lot Locher, Strategist and co-founder of Amsterdam Rainproof and current International Director for Climate at One Architecture + Urbanism, and Lykke Leonardsen, Programme Director of Resilient and Sustainable City Solutions at the City of Copenhagen, will take us across the ocean to explore how the Rainproof concept could be applied in NYC.

What strategies have proven effective? What didn’t work as intended? How can these lessons be applied to New York City? Join us for a virtual working lunch where we can discuss the lessons learned from these innovative programs and discuss how NYC can become Rainproof too.


Thursday, March 14th, 1:00-2:30 PM

Virtual Webinar

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You can watch a recording of this event here>>