HR&A Advisors, Inc. with Cooper, Robertson & Partners
New Jersey

Improve a Year-Round Commercial Destination

Asbury Park’s commercial corridors and many of its homes were affected by ocean flooding and inundation from inland water bodies. Protective solutions for this vibrant shorefront community and live music destination can also connect boardwalk activity to the town economy, providing year-round employment through projects including: introducing new temporary and floodable attractions along the boardwalk; reconfiguring the edge of Wesley Lake to provide habitat, recreation, and flood protection,  while expanding mixed use development along the corridor to connect the boardwalk to downtown and Main Street activity; creating a new year-round job center in the former boardwalk casino to serve as a linchpin between boardwalk and city and provide major new flood protection; and developing new resilient buildings on open development lots behind Ocean Avenue. New regulations supporting temporary and wet flood-proofed commercial development, and incentives to support new development, would support these improvements.