New Jersey

The Headlands are the most exposed stretch of the New Jersey shore, with open ocean views and direct wind and wave action.  Today, the beach is shaped and protected for human use only, minimizing its function for the diverse ecology needed for a protective dune landscape and necessitating ongoing sand replenishment. The Boardwalk is an ever-present cultural icon – yet it does little for coastal ecology and remains vulnerable to storm surge. The Headlands design opportunity explores a more organic boardwalk form and topographic section that provides the infrastructure to capture sand and form dunes, creating protection while serving as habitat area for beach wildlife to attract visitors. The boardwalk-dune is coupled with improvement of inland lakes and green infrastructure to absorb surge and improve character. The site for this project is Asbury Park, N.J., chosen for its iconic boardwalk, coastal lakes, diverse population, cultural history and redevelopment energy.

Download the boards presented by Sasaki/Rutgers/Arup in 2013.