The design and community engagement team met with local public housing residents at the Marina Village Community Center. Participants learned about the individual components that are being proposed as part of the pilot project, how the phasing of this work will coincide with the redevelopment of that public housing into a new mixed-income community, and how that community will be more resilient. Through written surveys and small group discussions, participants shared their thoughts and priorities. In addition to this public meeting and the earlier workshop, the design team also met with key stakeholders, including Bridgeport’s Water Pollution Control Authority, and also the Housatonic Museum of Art and other local outreach partners. 

Earlier in the month, the design team worked iteratively to develop the pilot project concept, combining careful study of the existing combined sewer system and outfalls, urban design studies to understand relationships between stormwater retention areas and redevelopment sites, conceptual cost estimating of project components, and stakeholder input. Through this process, the team is refining the project scope and components.

The design team is currently conducting a week of study area site visits, in advance of an end-of-month workshop dedicated to advancing the overall resilience strategy. During this workshop, the team will work on integrating design proposals and policy proposals, while developing the environmental, economic, and engineering analyses that will be used to “test” the proposals.