In March, the design team gathered at the Design Center in Bridgeport to define the pilot project components. This workshop narrowed the scope of the pilot project based on constructability and resources while maintaining the goal of a complete stormwater system to effect chronic flooding. The team met with several key partners to understand the feasibility of surveying the existing outfall in Cedar Creek and operations and maintenance questions associated with the current combined sewer system. The participants of the meeting worked to coordinate stormwater management, site grading, and construction timeline for the future housing development site in the project area. All of this work will be input for the next public workshop, scheduled for April 12th, where the proposed pilot project will be discussed. The primary goal of the next workshop will be to gather input on the program of the stormwater park proposed for the neighborhood.

Work on the 30% design for the pilot project components, a key milestone, continues to advance. The Project Team is particularly focused on the design of the stormwater park, while also creating the required inputs for the cost-benefit analysis. The stormwater modeling effort for the project area is also progressing with the definition of the pilot project components. This work feeds into the team’s current focus on the requirements for the substantial amendment to the state’s CDBG-DR action plan. Following the April 12th public workshop, the next required Substantial Amendment to the state’s Action Plan which defines the pilot project will be publicly released for comment in late April for submission to HUD by June 1st. 

The team is concurrently working on the final document for the Resilience Strategy, developing layouts and drawings, and developing an explanation that can engage all local and regional stakeholders. The team has continued to research historic and regional context as it relates to the resilience strategies. In addition, the team has continued discussions about how to define and promote the project through various communications channels, including the Resilient Bridgeport website.