The Project Team held a week-long internal workshop to focus on production of its final report.  The report is the basis of the Rebuild by Design planning study that will lead to a resilience strategy for areas of Bridgeport in addition to the Marina Park and Seaside Village pilot project area:  Downtown, South End, and Black Rock Harbor.  This comprehensive effort included several meetings with team members in New Orleans and New Haven.   The team also developed a visual mockup of the final report with a specific focus on the various communities of interest. Activities during this week included continued mock up on the final report, work on the strategy drawings, and production of drawings for the next public engagement meeting tentatively scheduled for the first week in March. The design team will use these drawings to communicate with key stakeholders in upcoming February meetings.

During this time the Project Team worked closely with the web development team to publish the Resilient Bridgeport public engagement website which will go live in early February. As part of the most recent activities community engagement efforts, the team has continued communication with the Preservation Green Lab about educational and job training programs related to resilience and historic preservation.