The New York Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery (GOSR) has refined the components of the Living with the Bay project through a series of outreach meetings and evaluation, to move it towards implementation. In its revised iteration, the project will increase community resilience by mitigating local risk from tidal and stormwater flooding, while incorporating environmental co-benefits such as water quality improvements, ecological restoration, and aquifer recharge. The Slow Streams project will create public access to the river, reconnect communities with the natural environment, and provide economic development opportunities. Additionally, the Slow Streams project will leverage and build upon the federal and state funded Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant project. Learn More»

As part of the public participation process, GOSR has established a Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) that will allow a group of up to 20 stakeholders to receive projects updates and play an advisory role in the planning and implementation of the project. GOSR is currently accepting applications for the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC) until October 14th, 2015.. All members of the public are encouraged to apply online, or pick up an application at the following locations:

Hempstead Public Library

West Hempstead Public Library

Lakeview Public Library

Malyerne Public Library

Rockville Centre Public Library

Oceanside Public Library

East Rockaway Public Library

Lynbrook Public Library

Island Park Public Library

The Town of Hempstead Housing Authority at 760 Jerusalem Avenue Uniondale, NY 11553

The Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery at 25 Beaver St., 5th Floor reception, New York, NY 10004