The 5th Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) was held in late March where the Project Team presented a comprehensive overview of their Stormwater Resiliency Strategy; identified problem areas and the prioritization matrix that will be used to determine projects. Project partners also presented on the habitat analysis of birds, fish, and other wildlife they are conducting along the project area and planned outreach for the spring and summer. 

The CAC and community were pleased to hear that attention to the local habitat along with the stormwater/tidal interventions proposed were being considered throughout the life of these projects.  All community members were encouraged to fill out a public comment form distributed at the registration table. Comments are being collected electronically at the NYS Storm Recovery website. The next CAC meeting is scheduled for May 2017. The team is also finalizing the Action Plan Amendment submission due to HUD on June 1st, 2017.

Visit the project website for the presentation and information given at the meeting.