In the months since the Bay Area Challenge wrapped up, great progress has been made. Resilient by Design has continued working with local government officials, community members, and advocates to move the visions forward and make sure that communities are better prepared to withstand climate-related risks in the future. Here’s how a few of the projects have already progressed:

  • The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) awarded a grant to the California State Coastal Conservancy for the Pebble Dune element of Unlock Alameda Creek. The funding will support continued design work on this project and enhance flood protection infrastructure, wetlands restoration, and public access to 1,300 acres of shoreline.
  • Four project areas received State and Local transportation funds through California’s SB1 grant: Bay Area Regional Collaborative (BARC) received funding to further research and design along Colma Creek in South San Francisco based on the The Resilient South City concept; BARC also received funding to further study mobility, identity, and equitable public access within the San Pablo Baylands along Highway 37 in Sonoma and Napa Counties based on concepts identified from the The Grand Bayway vision; MTC received funding to for the area adjacent to the Dumbarton bridge; and the Port of San Francisco is moving forward on a flood protection project along Islais Creek.
  • The graduates of the Designing Your Own Solutions course led by the Permaculture and Social Equity Team in Marin City are working on resilience pilot projects related to flooding, food security and disaster preparedness based on The Peoples Plan.

An assessment was also completed by the Consensus Building Institute on the Bay Area Challenge.  You can read it here.