SPUR: The Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge is an innovative year-long collaborative design challenge that brought together local residents, public officials and a broad range of experts to develop innovative design ideas to strengthen the Bay Area’s resilience to sea level rise, severe storms, earthquakes and flooding.

SPUR has long been a supporter of Resilient by Design, and has been involved from the initiative’s earliest days. Inspired by the Rebuild by Design initiative in New York after Hurricane Sandy, we all believed that the Bay Area could respond to a call for resilient design ideas that could be implemented before a disaster. SPUR has worked on sea level rise adaptation and disaster planning for more than a decade, and we have published major reports on earthquake preparation and rebuilding, and climate change adaptation, in addition to the award-winning Ocean Beach Master Plan and Mission Creek Sea Level Rise Study. Because of the relevance to our mission and its potential to make the Bay Area safer and stronger, SPUR staff and board members served on the Executive Board and Research Advisory Group for the RBD Challenge, and many board members and business members of SPUR also worked on design teams. Click to read more>>