City Caught Flat-Footed on Flood as Deluge Dredges Up Past Lessons

THE CITY: Record rainfall soaked New York on Friday, disrupting public transportation and schools while flooding streets and homes as officials struggled to cope with the deluge — and Mayor Eric Adams fended off waves of criticism for his administration’s handling of the storm.

Parents, environmentalists and regular commuters alike were steamed for not being given more of a warning by city officials.

“Every time climate change events happen — and we’re seeing it happen in real time — we’re seeing less and less planning, and it’s the kids who have to suffer,” said Jennifer Salgado of The Bronx, who had to get a cab for her sister to come home early from high school in downtown Manhattan.

The mayor spoke to New Yorkers just before 12 p.m. — well after the horrific morning commute and hours into a storm that flooded 150 schools, countless homes, and miles of streets and highways, even the inside of a bus. The surging waters also shut down Terminal A at LaGuardia Airport.

In defending his handling of the chaos wrought by the rain, Adams said: “We have notifyNYC, we use the various social media channels, and [Emergency Management] Commissioner [Zach] Iscol has been speaking about this from afternoon yesterday, so all the necessary precautions were taken.” Read More>>