POPAGANDA: The Athens urban forest decline. Who will save it? the “Lycabettus project: the present and the future of the urban forest of Athens” . How; With interventions studied by agronomists, architects and people of the administration. Who’s barking? Of course, the citizens of Athens themselves! More from Maria Kaltsa, architect and special advisor to the Mayor of Athens.

Perhaps there is not one representative of the generation of millennials who does not have a personal memory of Lycabettus. Adult children, crammed in a new Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 206, on the edge of the cliff, discovered new, huge feelings, overlooking the city lights. Others tried their adrenaline by seeing – or trying to get no tickets – in concerts that left their time in Greek music reality. Pet Shop Boys, James Brown, Mark Almond, Diamanda Galas … They had a crowd even on the rocks.

Since 2011 the music has ceased to sound in the space. Or rather, better, changed style and way. In the midst of the crisis, Lycabettus became the point you could set up if you did not have a franc in your pocket, next to the LA, who wore everything, from ladies to fights. And the concerts stopped. The latter, who really enjoyed the place, are the well-known runners who know the long-winded paths of the urban forest. Continue Reading>>