Henry Hart Rice Urban Policy Forum

Cities, Climate Change, and Resilience
Climate change has emerged as a pivotal challenge facing cities around the world. The Henry Hart Rice Urban Policy Forum will bring two leading experts, Amy Chester and Professor Gernot Wagner to analyze what policies cities can and should pursue.  The discussion will be moderated by Professor Mitchell L. Moss.


Amy Chester is the Managing Director at Rebuild by Design. Amy is responsible for the organization’s day-to-day operations and management in addition to overseeing its fundraising and strategic direction. Rebuild by Design works with cities around the world to use the same collaborative process to address issues of climate change.

Gernot Wagner is an Associated Clinical Professor at NYU Wagner and Clinical Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Public Service at NYU Department of Environmental Studies. His research, writing, and teaching focus on climate risks and climate policy. Gernot writes the Risky Climate column for Bloomberg Green and has two recent books: Geoengineering: the Gamble, published by Polity (2021) and Stadt, Land, Klima (“City, Country, Climate”), published, in German, by Brandstätter Verlag (2021).

October 14, 2021
6:00pm - 7:00pm


Mitchell L. Moss, Henry Hart Rice Professor of Urban Policy & Planning, Director of Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management