Best Practice: Share Meetings Online

Attending meetings can be a scheduling challenge for many residents. Using the internet to share what has been presented at meetings allows residents to stay informed when attendance proves prohibitive. Sharing meeting discussions and presentations helps to establish a transparent resource for residents and project leaders to continue discussions on the same page.


Example: New Jersey

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection uploads videos of past presentations for both the New Meadowlands and Hudson River Project meetings to their YouTube channel. The channel has been a valuable resource to share the visualizations and digital design models with community members who would have otherwise missed the meeting materials.

Example: Hoboken

Hoboken residents are encouraged to revisit technical videos presented at meetings as they are posted on Youtube and the official project website. These videos visually represent how infrastructure will reduce flood risk in Hoboken. The team released a video along with its recommendation for the preferred design intervention; the video shows a 360 degree rendering of the proposed design and its impact on flood resistance.

Example: Hunts Point

At each Hunts Point meeting a representative from the project team takes notes. This is announced at the beginning of the meeting and the notes are circulated to all those in attendance following the meeting. Similarly, the Meadowlands team uploads meeting minutes on website the day after meeting so it can be clear to all community members what transpired at the meeting.