Make Sharing Input Easy For Communities

Publicly funded sustainability projects mandate periods of public comment during which draft documents are shared with community members in order to provide formal feedback from the public. Rebuild By Design’s project teams expand a bureaucratic process by creating alternative feedback sources, allowing for more comprehensive input from larger sections of the community

Example: Hudson River

The Hudson River Project distributes addressed, ready-to-mail comment cards designed to allow residents to take the cards home, think about the questions, discuss issues with their neighbors and return the completed cards by mail. Additionally, residents can take home extra comment cards for their family and neighbors who were unable to attend planning meetings.

Example: Bridgeport

Following each community engagement meeting in Bridgeport, the team prepares a succinct summary of feedback, questions asked and answered, presentation highlights, photos, and a list of participants. This comprehensive handout of feedback encourages continuity between meetings and help hold the design team accountable to ongoing community feedback.