The Concrete Jungle Has 578 Miles of Shoreline at Risk

NY Times: In New York City, it’s often easy to think that ocean conservation is an issue for someplace else — tropical islands, coral reefs, the Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic.

But New York City is an archipelago, a reality that can be obscured by the concrete jungle. The five boroughs — four of them on islands — have 578 miles of shoreline. The Hudson River can get salty up to Poughkeepsie. And the East River is not really a river; it’s a tidal strait that links New York Bay and the Long Island Sound and makes Long Island an island. So the city has much to gain from a better approach to managing the ocean, including storm protection, access to healthy seafood, coastal recreation and a thriving “blue economy” based on the sustainable use of the ocean’s resources.

The point is, ocean conservation is an urban issue, and fortunately, there has been a growing movement in the city to protect its waters. Read More>>