NEW Meadowlands: Towards a Resilient future – the case of Little Ferry, Moonachie, Carlstadt and Tet

February 18, 2014

3:00 pm

Little Ferry Borough Hall, Little Ferry NJ

The MIT CAU + ZUS + Urbanisten Rebuild by Design team invited members of Little Ferry, Moonachie, Carlstadt, and Teterboro to share insights and participate at a collaborative design meeting: NEW Meadowlands: Towards a Resilient future.

This meeting was held at the Little Ferry Borough Hall on 18th February 2014, both at 3 pm and at 6:30 pm, and convened community members and local stakeholders from Little Ferry, Moonachie, Carlstadt and Teterboro, and discussed a long- term vision for the Meadowlands as a whole, as well as the role and various potentials which these three boroughs have as an integral part of the larger area.

The Meadowlands is one of the most complex and promising geographies in the region –a dynamic intersection of productivity, nature and community. It is also a vulnerable landscape, as Hurricane Sandy demonstrated. As we prepare to rebuild, we have an opportunity to outline a long-term vision that will guarantee the prosperity and quality of life for the Meadowlands, and most importantly for the local communities and towns which live and work in the Meadowlands.